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Water-based Inkjet Inks

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Water-based inkjet inks are in greater demand than ever before, which is why the market is reporting a lot of catching up to do. The focus is on the digital printing on products that come into contact with human skin or foodstuffs. In close cooperation with the industry, Marabu develops water-based inkjet inks for flexible packaging in the food industry, for cardboard boxes, toys (fulfilment of the EN71/3 standard) or digitally printed wallpapers.

Marabu is your development partner for projects where the biocompatibility of the application is in the foreground or where the advantages of water-based systems generally outweigh the benefits. Our competence:

  • Singlepass process-suitable inkjet inks for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • Know-how about the interaction of polymers, pigments and water as main solvents
  • Project-related development focus for best possible results
  • Recipes that can be adapted to all industrial printheads
  • Extensive experience with all common industrial printheads (e. g. Konika Minolta, Kyocera and Dimatix)

Printing of flexible packaging

[Translate to USA:] Waterbased inkjet inks for flexible food packagingFlexible packaging is used for food products to protect, market and distribute them. Printing is done directly on the packaging material. Flexible packaging adapts to the shape of the product, it is easy to change, user-friendly and material-efficient. Read more about the advantages of flexible packaging: Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)

The advantages of water-based inkjet inks:

Wallpaper printing

[Translate to USA:] Water-based inkjet inks for wallpaper printingIndividually printed wallpapers hang in living rooms, schools, kindergartens or at the workplace. Therefore wallpaper printing should be odourless and free of harmful substances.

Important for wallpaper manufacturers and consumers: Marabu’s water-based digital printing inks guarantee that the end product is certified according to DIN 15102 and RAL 479 (quality mark for wallpapers).

The advantages of water-based inkjet inks:

  • No VOC evaporation
  • Cost-efficient for small series and medium runs
  • Endless motifs and motif variants possible
  • Gloss level precisely matched to wallpaper

Printing on paper, cardboard and corrugated board

[Translate to USA:] Inkjet inks for corrugated board and cardboardIn the case of cardboard boxes, there is a high risk that the printing inks used will be absorbed. Production and processing suffer. Water-based printing inks are suitable for flexible, environmentally friendly and compatible cardboard packaging and folding boxes.

The advantages of water-based inkjet inks:

  • High colour brilliance even on non-pre-treated cardboard boxes
  • Highly flexible ink film, thus no stress whitening during punching and creasing
  • Low substrate penetration