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HP White Satin Poster Paper



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This multilayer recyclable poster paper with a bright white satin finish produces richly detailed posters and water-resistant prints and is qualified for billboard applications. Scratch-resistant prints keep the image intact when folding and achieve up to 6 months display permanence outdoors, unlaminated.

  • Offer indoor/outdoor campaigns produced on recyclable[2] HP White Satin Poster Paper, manufactured according to the ISO international standard for environmental management systems.
  • Save time, increase productivity. Scratch-resistant prints dry quickly and stay intact with folding. Use water-resistant prints outdoors, without lamination.[1] HP White Satin Poster Paper delivers the easy, trouble-free printing you expect from HP.
  • You choose indoor, outdoor, the best inks for the job. You get attention-grabbing color and sharpness for brilliant campaigns, including billboards. Expand your applications with versatile HP White Satin Poster Paper, 136-g/m2.
Overview & Specifications
  • Overview and Features
  • Printing Material Specifications
  • Finishing/Post Processing
  • Operating conditions
  • Dimension and Weight
  • Warranty
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Overview and Features


Think of the potential. HP White Satin Poster Paper produces rich detail and brilliant color that grabs attention indoors and outdoors. Water- and scratch-resistant prints help increase productivity.[1] Versatile compatibility across HP Latex, low-solvent, solvent, or UV-curable inks makes it easy to expand your applications. And this recyclable paper,[2] manufactured according to the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems, is designed with the environment in mind.


  • Offer paper designed with the environment in mind
  • Profit from increased productivity
  • Expand your applications

Target Applications

Trade shows and event displays, POP and retail displays, posters and photo enlargements, billboards, backlit displays

Printing Material Specifications

Core Size, US

3 in

Weight, Metric

136 g/m2 per ISO 536 Test Method


165 microns/6.5 mil per ISO 534 Test Method


95% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method


110 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method; 110 per ISO 11475 Test Method

Country of Origin

Product of Germany

Gloss Level

23 at 60° per ASTM D-523 Test Method


Water resistant with HP Latex Inks. Water resistance testing by HP Image Permanence Lab on a wide range of media, including HP media; water resistance is comparable to eco- and low-solvent inks when printed on water-resistant substrates. Water resistance testing follows ISO 18935 method. Results may vary based on specific media performance. For more information, see

Primary Material

Wood fiber

Finishing/Post Processing

Printing Material Lamination

Yes, hot and cold

Operating conditions

Operating Temperature Range, Celsius

15 to 30°C

Operating Temperature Range, Fahrenheit

59 to 86°F

Operating Humidity

30 to 70% RH

Printing Material Dry Time

Not applicable

Printing Material Shelf Life

1 year, unopened in original packaging

Dimension and Weight

Weight, U.S, Package

23.1 lb

Weight, Metric, Package

10.4 kg


Warranty Features

HP large format printing materials are free from defects in materials and workmanship. For warranty statement please see



  • [1] Image permanence and water-resistance ratings by HP Image Permanence Lab. Outdoor display permanence tested according to SAE J2527; in a vertical display orientation in simulated nominal outdoor display conditions for select high and low climates, including exposure to direct sunlight and water; performance may vary as environmental conditions change. For more information, see
  • [2] Can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs.


Imperial Metric
Width 54 in 1372 mm
Length 200 ft 61 m
Printer Latex 3000
Printer DesignJet 10000s
Printer DesignJet H45100
Printer Scitex FB700
Printer Latex 260
Printer Latex 330/360/365
Printer Scitex LX800
Printer Latex 210
Printer Latex 310
Printer Scitex LX600
Printer Latex 850
Printer DesignJet 9000s
Printer DesignJet H35500
Printer DesignJet H35100
Printer Scitex FB500
Printer DesignJet L25500
Printer Scitex FB910
Printer Latex 280
Printer Latex 820
Printer DesignJet 8000s
Printer DesignJet H45500
Product Group HP White Satin Poster Paper
Printer Latex 560/570
Printer Latex 370
Printer Latex 3100/3500
Printer Latex 3000
Printer Scitex FB950
Printer DesignJet H45500
Thickness 6.5 mil .165 mm
Core Size 3 in 76.2 mm
Finish Satin Satin
Config 1 Roll 1 Roll
Weight (gsm) 136
Thickness (micron) 165
Thickness (mil) 6.5
Regional Availability AMS
Regional Availability EMEA
Regional Availability APAC